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    Upcoming Swiss Meetings

    Our next annual meeting will be held March 22 – 24, 2018 in Stuttgart as a joint meeting of the German and Swiss Societies of Matrix Biology.



    Pre-Conference Young Investigator Session March 21st-22nd 2018

    At this conference we will have a Young Investigator Session to create a unique forum for young scientists to present and exchange new data. These sessions will bring together young European researchers in order to promote interactions between pre- and post-doctoral scientists, so they can benefit from the different experiences that the sessions and the subsequent conference offer.

    Upcoming European Meetings

    ERS (European respiratory Society) Lung science conference (LSC) 2018 will be about “Matrix influencing lung disease”.


    MBE2018 in Manchester (July 21-24)


    Upcoming International Meetings

    Plasminogen Activation and Extracellular Proteolysis , Biological Functions and Translational Importance of Plasminogen Activation and Extracellular Proteolysis, February 11-16, 2018, Four Points Sheraton / Holiday Inn Express, Ventura, CA, United States



    Gordon Research Conference on Proteoglycans, 8-13 July 2018 "Proteoglycans in Homeostasis and Disease: Cracking the PG Code"

    Proctor Academy, Andover, New Hampshire, USA

    Chairs: Anthony J. Day and Carol de la Motte;

    Vice-chair: Liliana Schaefer